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Sod pallets in Davenport

Mulch delivery in the Davenport, Florida area.

Our store is open 6 days a week for pick up. Delivery is also available Monday - Saturday.

Mulch is a popular alternate ground cover and top layer in gardens. It is a good choice for under trees where it is too shady for grass to grow.
Gold and Red mulch are both a dyed, recycled mulch.
Mini and Large Pine Bark are naturally a dark brown color.
Available on special order is Certified Playground mulch, which is guaranteed safe for children (IPEMA certification).

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Mulch types available for pickup or delivery

•Gold Cypress•
•Red Mulch•
•Mini Pine Bark•
•Large Pine Bark•

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Sod delivered to your door in Central Florida

Three and a half inches is the recommended depth for mulch installation. We also sell rolls of a weed blocking material for installation undernear the mulch, if you want an added layer of security against weeds. Call us today at 407-240-1023

The best Mulch in Davenport

Mulch products in Davenport.

Mini Pine Bark Small pine bark, 1/2 inch.

Large Pine Bark Large pine bark, 1-2 inches.

Gold Cypress The classic gold mulch.

Red Mulch A died red mulch.

Certified Playground Mulch

Certified playground mulch